Andrew Dwyer
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Bulrush   The Bulrush 2001-2002 - Lead artist & project management.
15m high stainless steel landmark sculpture in Leyton, designed to create a positive local identity for semi-industrial area in the Lea Valley .
Foleshill   Foleshill 1997-1998 - Lead artist.
A 12m high landmark sculpture made in partnership with Groundworks Coventry. The design is representative of the local ribbon making industry and local cultures.
Newark   Newark 2000-2001 - Team artist & project management.
Millennium sculpture and decorative lamp brackets in river side park. Designs developed with local children through poetry and art workshops.
Stepney Waterfront   Stepney Waterfront 2002 - Lead artist.
80 decorative finials on canal waterfront by new housing development. Design relates to Canary Wharf Tower towards which the waterfront looks. Also glass paving scheme using 'Green Bottle Unit' recycled glass paviours.
Willenhall   Willenhall 1999-2001 - Lead artist & project management.
A participatory public arts project in the Midlands which entailed extensive consultation and participation with town centre users, local schools, community and youth groups.This resulted in five sculptures and a wall piece, all relating to the towns strong industrial heritage being placed in the town centre.
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