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Empowering people through participation

Whilst working with Free Form Arts Trust, Andrew Dwyer has conceived, managed and undertaken a wide variety of participatory workshops and workshop programmes. He designs them so as to enable the participants to input directly in the design and planning of their environments. When resulting environmental improvements show the participants input, whether major or minor, the sense of pride and ownership engendered can greatly increase its sustainability. Also, working in such a collaborative way can lead the design of a project in unexpected and exciting directions.

Wall of Fame 2003-2004
Collaborative arts project with a class of Year 10 pupils from Hackney Free & Parochial School to produce 2D & 3D artwork based on their chosen aspirational characters from the local area. Spanning three months the project culminated in an exhibition displayed on ladders (metaphors for success) in the school hall.
This project was nominated for a Learning Trust Educators Award.

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