Andrew Dwyer
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  Downside 2002-2004 - Lead artist & project management.
Chosen by Arts Council East for the ‘Arts/Generate’ programme, the Downside Arts Generate aims to bring about positive change on the Downside Estate in South Bedfordshire through a creative art-based approach to urban regeneration which engages the local community and all service providers on the Estate. Andrew Dwyer has been involved in many aspects of this project, working as a Project Manager on the Free Form team.
  Mardyke 2002-2004 - Lead artist & project management.
Consultation Design Study,Arts Strategy and environmental improvement programme on the Mardyke Estate in the London Borough of Havering which addresses the estate's regeneration needs particularly around its focal core: the shopping precinct.
Willenhall   Willenhall 1999-2001 - Lead artist & project management.
A participatory public arts project in the Midlands which entailed extensive consultation and participation with town centre users, local schools, community and youth groups.This resulted in five sculptures and a wall piece, all relating to the towns strong industrial heritage being placed in the town centre.
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